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Rapidly create adaptive courses

Mindojo is an AI private tutor. Simply feed your content and Mindojo starts teaching each of your students through a deeply engaging, personalized dialogue.

Learning on steroids

Mindojo creates a robust model of each student’s mind and uses sophisticated algorithms to predict the most effective and efficient teaching interaction each moment.

Content authoring reimagined

Intuitive and powerful authoring tools let you model the knowledge in your course, compose interactive lessons and practice items, collaborate with peers and much more.

Fits every scenario

Use Mindojo for standalone commercial products, for in-house training, as a university course supplement, or to facilitate a flipped-classroom. The choice is yours.

The platform

Built with Mindojo

Mindojo powers market-leading prep courses for standardized exams, offered by such prominent brands as Bloomberg LP.

Bloomberg Exam Prep


Numerous students from nearly every country on Earth have been admitted to their graduate school of choice thanks to acing their GMAT exam using Mindojo’s top-rated prep programs, backed by industry-best score improvement guarantees.

Bloomberg GMAT Prep

CFA Exam Prep

Bloomberg’s new offering of Mindojo-powered courses includes test-prep for the CFA Exam, Levels I, II, and III, with student outcomes already beating industry averages by a wide margin.

Bloomberg Prep

Higher Education

University professors can use Mindojo courses as optional supplements, or as a textbook alternative, or as the main learning resource supporting a flipped-classroom.

“Mindojo [is] developing interactive algorithms that will not only teach me math, physics and history, but will simultaneously study me and get to know exactly who I am. Digital teachers will closely monitor every answer I give, and how long it took me to give it. Over time they will discern my unique weaknesses as well as my strengths and will identify what gets me excited and what makes my eyelids droop. They could teach me thermodynamics or geometry in a way that suits my personality type, even if that particular method doesn’t suit 99% of the other pupils.”

Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Deus, #1 global bestseller

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